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Zip Around Pouch - a fun, little project

Little zipper pouches... why are they so addictive to make? Every time - like EVERY SINGLE TIME  - I just want to make a quick little project next to all the work I should be doing instead (like doing my taxes, working on that long forgotten WIP, write a new pattern, clean the bathroom, the list is endless...). But then I am becoming obsessed. It never is only one. I have to make them in big batches... Do you know what I am talking about? 

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batting, basting and getting ready to quilt - all you need to know

Have you ever been to the quilt shop and wondered which batting to buy? Or did you wonder which of all the notions you really needed for hand quilting? I have definitely been there. The choice can be so overwhelming and dang, it's not cheap, so buying one of each wasn't really an option for me... Let me share my tips and tricks with you!  All you ever need to know about machine and hand quilting...

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Wrap them in fairy tales - Let's make a quilt together

I made these two quilts a while ago but I think I've never really shared them with you. So, here we go... This is actually the quilt I made for my son. My daughter got a pink version but I think she secretly likes this green one better. Hahahaha, I can't blame her... Let me tell you a little more about them. Every night I tuck my kids in bed, using their wrap them in fairytales quilts. And every night I tell them that their quilt will keep them safe through the night, protecting them from nightmares and sad thoughts. Because every stitch it took me making those quilts, I made while I was thinking of them. And when I have to...

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