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a little more about the weebillowbag

Dang. I am so excited to finally be able to share my new pattern with you. The WeeBillowBag. I seriously love it and I think it's my favourite pattern so far. Not kidding when I say, that I love every one I made so far...    This quilted one, made using Malibu by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics, is the smaller one (the pattern comes in two sizes!). Here you can see nicely how deep it is - 2.5" to be precise (the larger one is 3.5" deep).   And then I made this one!! My most recent version and also the one I love the most. It's the smaller one in size, all quilted and using the most gorgeous...

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a little more about the weeboxybasket

Let me introduce you to the weeboxybasket. It is a little basket or maybe more of a box. Hmmm. Whatever you like it to be. However, it's incredibly handy for storing all your sewing notions.  But let me show you a couple more pictures. The pattern comes in two sizes. A large rectangular one (measuring approx. 3.5'' x 3'' x 6.5'' (wxhxd)) and a wee square one (measuring approx. 3'' x 2.5'' x 3'' (wxhxd)). Both are super quick to make and so easy to customise. You can add mesh pockets, or leave them out all together, go all scrappy, add hand stitches, add labels or piping. The possibilities are literally endless. Just have fun and play with the pattern. ...

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