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wee travel pal digital sewing pattern by sweet cinnamon roses

The wee travel pal is probably my favourite sewing pattern so far. It is a fun little make and the bag is amazing for all your sewing/quilty/stitchy needs on the go. Also, the assembly is super easy. No need to attach binding once around in the end or fiddling the bag through a tiny opening. It's cleverly constructed so you don't need to worry about hiding unwanted seams or stitches in the end. 

However, let me show you a couple pictures and I will talk you through a little. 

vinyl pocket, wee travel palvinyl pocket, wee travel palvinyl pocket, wee travel palvinyl pocket, wee travel pal

The pattern comes in two versions. One with a vinyl pocket in the middle and a non-vinyl version. I promise, it is super easy to sew with vinyl and I'll talk you through every step on the way but if you prefer not sew with vinyl you can replace the middle bit with some staggered pockets. I will show you more about it below. 

I prefer the vinyl one though. I like to see my little snips and some of the bits and bobs I carry around with me. Also, it's a great opportunity to showcase some of your favourite prints. Can you see how I fussy cut the girls on the tree? I wouldn't want to hide them...

Finally. Just if you were wondering. I like using 12 gauge vinyl and usually buy mine from Sew Hot here in the UK for £4/roll. It is pretty inexpensive and it's a dream to work with. I also use it for my Glitta Pouch. Just if you were wondering, I am not getting paid by Sew Hot it is just what I like to use.

wee travel pal, staggered pockets wee travel pal, staggered pockets wee travel pal, staggered pockets

And here the non-vinyl version. With this one you get an extra zipper and a staggered pocket for the middle bit. Again, very straight forward and an easy make. I will slowly talk you through every little step throughout the process in the pattern and you'll find it a blast to make.

Hahaha. And you might have noticed. I took the chance again for some fussy cutting here. Aren't those two in the boat the cutest?

wee travel pal wee travel pal

Ohhh my, I totally forgot to tell you about the secret pockets. So please bear with me. As you can see, both versions of the wee travel pal (the vinyl as well as the non-vinyl version) come with plenty zipper pockets and little compartments. But the wee travel pal also has two secret pockets!

If you have a closer look at the picture above. My son is holding the blue version of the wee travel and underneath both side panels, a folded yard of fabric is peaking out. The low volume print with the little black crosses. Can you see them? Those pockets are great to hold your fabric or little notebooks, and are usually a safe way to store things away from the owner of those little hands above. Very handy if you still have little ones around as well.

Alright. And here a couple more pictures for you. But always also check the #weetravelpal on Instagram for more inspiration. There are some amazing versions out there that some of you already made...

wee travel pal wee travel pal wee travel pal

L x 


This looks brilliant! i am working on a paperpiecing quilt at the moment and this looks perfect for storing all my bits in. I am hoping to make this when lockdown eases and i can access my sewing machine. One question – do you think it would be possible to put a magnet in during assembly so when you fold it up it holds together a bit better! (I’ve never used mangets before, so unsure how they work)

diana lewis

Wonderful pattern.

Theresa Davey

Laura your website is gorgeous!!! Great work! I loved this post and your wee travel pal pattern. As soon as my sewjo comes back I’ll have to make another. Your HR version is brilliant☺️


The website looks fantastic Laura! And thanks for showing a bit more about this pattern, I bought it when it released but I’m yet to make it, but this has totally encouraged me! Xx


Love your site and this pattern is awesome! I’m buying it today! 😊

Sue Greene

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