Easy Quilt Label Tutorial - find out more!

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Handmade Christmas - pattern bundle

I know, I know. We have all the best intentions to create as many Christmas presents as possible ourselves. Every. Single. Year. And every single year we only get around to only making a couple. If at all. But how about actually following up on our good intentions this year? Let's do this together and make lots of presents ourselves this year. Will you join me?

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batting, basting and getting ready to quilt - all you need to know

Have you ever been to the quilt shop and wondered which batting to buy? Or did you wonder which of all the notions you really needed for hand quilting? I have definitely been there. The choice can be so overwhelming and dang, it's not cheap, so buying one of each wasn't really an option for me... Let me share my tips and tricks with you!  All you ever need to know about machine and hand quilting...

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