Frequently Asked Questions

I am a visual learner. Will I be able to follow your patterns?

Absolutely YES - using all capital letters!

All my patterns are written with beginners in mind - I will carefully talk you through the full process, step-by-step. There a plenty pictures and I promise, you will feel as if I sit right next to you. Your sewing buddy walking you through each project, holding your hand. I know you can do it!Sweet Cinnamon Roses, step by step sewing patterns for beginners

I am an absolute beginner at sewing. What pattern should I start with?

If you are totally new to sewing I would recommend you starting with an easy pattern such as the Wee Braw Bag or I Heart You Bag. You will learn how to insert casing, box out corners and how to insert a zipper. Super easy and straight forward - only straight lines, my friend.

Sweet Cinnamon Roses, sewing patterns for beginners

After completing those two you will have learned how to insert a zipper (it's super easy, I promise!) and how to install casing for a drawstring bag. From here you might want to have a look for a new challenge. Maybe try out using some fancy material like vinyl. I love a good vinyl pouch and made several patterns using vinyl, but I think the Glitta Pouch is my favourite of them all. Still super easy!

And finally I would really like you to push yourself a little. Try maybe the Wee Travel Pal or Wee Billow Bag. I agree, they will take you a little longer and there are more pieces to be cut BUT they are actually not as tricky as you might think. Take your time and let me talk you through carefully. I know you can do it, just as everyone before you! It’s seriously not rocket science…

Next to those I also have two skill-builder quilting patterns, teaching you about improv piecing - Bonnie Curves and Improv Piecing. If you’re interested in learning a fun new quilty technique, they are an amazing starting point to unleash your creativity. 

What materials do you suggest for your patterns?

For each pattern you can find an in-depth post on my Sewing Blog - including all the materials you’ll need, lots of inspiration and my best tips and tricks. 

I am new to sewing and feel I need a little extra help. What would you suggest?

No problem at all. You are in the right place.

Like I’ve mentioned above. All patterns are designed with you in mind. Aiming at absolute beginners. If you can turn on your machine and sew a straight line - you are ready to make your first project, my friend.

If you still feel you’ll need a little extra help - feel free to JOIN my FREE groups over on Facebook. 

Sweet Cinnamon Roses on Facebook - FREE sewing and quilting group

In the Sweet Cinnamon Roses pattern group you will get lots of tips + tricks, advice, inspiration and plenty bonus video tutorials for each of my patterns. So if you’re struggling with a particular step of the pattern, check out the free videos for more details or ask the group - hundreds of fellow makers are by your side, ready to help you out.

The Sweet Cinnamon Roses quilting group is there for everyone new to quilting. If you’ve never made a quilt before and are struggling with what materials to use, where to start with basting, pressing and piecing and how to attach binding - this is the right group for you. We are making one simple  patchwork quilt from start to finish together. Every step of the process and I carefully walk you through with the help of plenty video tutorials, graphics and pictures. And you can make that quilt as well, I know that.

I have a store and would like to stock your patterns. Is there a way to do that?

Currently I only offer digital patterns, selling them here on my website. You are more than welcome to create kits (fabric, interfacing, thread, notions…) for your customers - they might already have a copy of the pattern but if not, please send them over to my pattern shop. Thank you.

If you have any further questions on this please get in touch and I get back to you as soon as I can.

I run my local guild/ sewing club and would love to teach one of your patterns. Is that possible? 

YES. All my patterns come with a license to teach. But use of the pattern is only permitted if a copy of the pattern is purchased for each individual student.

If you need any help or pictures for your website, please get in touch and I can provide you with more material.   

I would like to sell items made using your pattern. Am I allowed to do so?

YES. All my patterns come with a license to sell. By purchasing the pattern I give use license to sell products made using the pattern. Please credit Laura Cunningham of Sweet Cinnamon Roses (or @sweetcinnamonroses on Instagram or @sweetcinnamonroses on Facebook) as the pattern designer when listing or selling your products. 

I would like to try one of your patterns but I am not sure about the buying process. Would you mind talking me through?

Sure. Pick a pattern you wish to purchase and tab the button “ADD TO CART”. Repeat this for all patterns you fancy to buy. As soon as you’re done, please go to checkout by clicking on the small cart symbol on the top right corner of your screen. If you’re happy with the patterns in your cart, please tab on the “Check Out” button.Sweet Cinnamon Roses FAQ - frequently asked questions, I am here to help youPlease fill in all relevant information such as Email Details, Name and Billing address. If you have a discount code, you can redeem it on the right side of your window and hit “apply”. After filling in all your details, click on the “Continue to Payment” button and you’ll land on the payment page. Sweet Cinnamon Roses FAQ - frequently asked questions, I am here to help youPlease check if all information is correct (Contact and Billing) and choose your preferred payment method before clicking on “Complete order”.Sweet Cinnamon Roses FAQ - frequently asked questions, I am here to help youThe next page with your “order confirmation” will open automatically. Please allow a couple minutes for your downloads to appear!! As soon as they are ready for download, please click the “Download Now” button and your pattern will downloaded automatically. If you can’t find them on your computer, please check your downloads folder. Sweet Cinnamon Roses FAQ - frequently asked questions, I am here to help youYou’ll also get two automated Emails from me. One with your “order confirmation” and a second one with “your sewing patterns by SweetCinnamonRoses”. In that Email you’ll get all the relevant links to your patterns. Please follow those links and click on the “Download Now” button. Your pattern should open on your screen automatically, if not please check your downloads folder. If you didn’t received my Emails, please have a look at your Email Spam Folder. Make sure to save your patterns and you’re ready to go.Sweet Cinnamon Roses FAQ - frequently asked questions, I am here to help youBut of course, if you need help anywhere here in the process, please let me know and I will do my best to assist you. 

Can you please tell me more about saving/ printing my PDF patterns.

Sure. All patterns are digital files (PDFs). So after you bought your copy, please make sure to save the file somewhere safe on your device (desktop computer, ipad, phone,…). Maybe you already have a folder holding all your digital sewing patterns. 

Let’s talk about printing. There’s really no need for you to print out my patterns, as there are no templates included. So you can easily just read them off your device and even better, you can get started straight away without even switching on your printer or leaving the house for the next copy shop.

But of course, if you wish to print them out - please feel free to do so. Be aware though that the pattern format is A4 and not letter size (mostly used in the US). So if there are any issues printing them out, make sure to consider that. If in doubt, contact your local copy shop and I am sure they can help you out. Most modern printers at home can easily adjust though and you probably won’t even notice the slight difference in format…

If you need any further help, please let me know and I will do my best to assist you. 

What sewing machine, sewing notions and materials would you recommend? 

I sew on my Janome M7 and I love, love, loooove her. But when I started years ago - I bought the cheapest entry level machine off Amazon and you know what... she worked just fine. Don't let the model you own stop you. Just get started!

And for materials, I would always, always, always recommend to invest in the best you can afford. It’s just not worth it getting upset over poor quality fabric or thread. I do understand that sewing is an expensive hobby, so maybe buy less or finally use those birthday pennies… Just saying.

Find all the resources to get you started over here. A full list with my favourite sewing and quilting supplies.

Do you use affiliate links?

Yes, in addition to other affiliate programs, specifically I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I will never post a link to a product I do not personally recommend. If you click on an affiliate link and then proceed to purchase something from that affiliated website, I receive a small commission. This helps me continue to provide high quality, free content. Please send me an email to if you have any questions.

I am still not sure and have more questions. What is the best way to contact you?

 Please always feel free to get in touch. I am here to help and only an email away. You can reach me via Email ( or hop over to my contact page. And if you like to follow me on a more regular basis, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook where I share my current projects with you all.

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