Get organised - Wee Boxy Basket

Wee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

How organised is your sewing area? Whether it's a full sized studio or a corner of your bedroom... Do you really know where everything is? Let me tell you a secret but please be kind and don't judge me! I am not a very tidy person AT ALL (the laundry usually takes me days to tidy away and the recycling only gets out if it's overflowing here in the house) but I can't have a mess in my sewing space. Anything lying around and not in it's dedicated place bugs me and I feel I can't be creative if there is no order - at least directly in front of me. Ha, I am good at ignoring the rest of the house though... Do you know that? Do you also need a tidy work area to let your creativity juices flow??

And that's why I came up with the Wee Boxy Basket - a dedicated place for all your notions and thread spools. Everything at your fingertips, nothing ever gets lost again... Bonus: they are super cute as well, my friend!

Does your sewing area need a little more order? Let me share all my best tips and tricks with you, giving you the confidence to create a Wee Boxy Basket all by yourself!

Wee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

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The Wee Boxy Basket comes in two sizes - a small square basket and the larger rectangular one (that you see pictured here). Both super adorable and oh so handy to keep all your notions organised. 

Wee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon RosesWee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon RosesWee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

And in action...

Wee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon RosesWee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon RosesWee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon RosesWee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon RosesWee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon RosesWee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon RosesWee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

About the Wee Boxy Basket...

The Wee Boxy Basket is not only a great little container to keep all your sewing and quilty notions organised but it's also super handy to store all kinds of things around the house. My littles ones keep their Legos and pens organised and I have a couple in the bathroom for my cosmetics. And dang... they also make pretty cute little gifts! 

But let me tell you a little more about the Wee Boxy Basket. Are you ready?

  • The small basket measures about 3.5" x 3" x 6.5" (wxhxd) and the larger, rectangular one measures approx. 3'' x 2.5'' x 3'' (wxhxd).
  • You can either add mesh pockets to the outside but that's totally optional. I also show you how to leave them out and make a plain little basket.
  •  They are in fact much easier to make than you might think at first and once you made a couple you will get the way that are constructed. Then you can start customising and that's where the fun starts: make a super scrappy one (one print on each side), add a vinyl pocket or labels or faux-piping around the top edge of the basket. So whatever option you pick - you can totally make it your own!

And if you're wondering about the pattern itself - let me tell you more about the actual pattern. Shall we start?  

  • The pattern is a digital file (PDF) and you can easily get your copy from my shop. After purchasing your copy it will be ready for instant download. Make sure to save it and you're ready to go. Super easy! The Wee Boxy Basket is a measure and cut pattern, meaning all pattern pieces are cut using a rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler. There is no need to print it unless you wish to do so, as there are no templates needed. So you can start today!
  • The pattern is consisting of 5 pages, includes loads of pictures, detailed instructions and tables. I carefully talk you through, step-by-step. It's like I am sitting right next to you - cheering you on!! I know you can do it! I wrote the pattern with absolute beginners in mind but if you are a confident maker, I am sure you'll still love making one as well... 

If you like to know more about teaching classes or your local guild, selling finished bags, need more information on buying, saving and printing the pattern - please hop over to my FAQs, there I try to answer all your questions in more detail.  

Wee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Materials needed...

Before we start sewing, let's talk a little about the materials you'll need. Shall we?

First of all - you will need your copy of the pattern which you can find in my shop. Remember, it's a measure and cut pattern, meaning all pattern pieces are cut using a rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler. No need to print anything, unless you wish to do so. So you can start straight away picking your fabric!

So here a list with all the things you'll need:

  • Wee Basket Basket pattern
  • Fabric
  • Mesh and fold-over elastic
  • Interfacing
  • Thread
  • Notions
  • Sewing Machine


You will need fabric. Obviously. I like using quilting cotton throughout the project and use interfacing to give the fabric a little more structure. It works like a charm!

Here I used some of my most treasured prints. For the outside I used one of my favourite basics by Heather Ross, a gorgeous floral that really works with everything. And the pink cats, part of an older collection also by Heather Ross. For the lining at the inside I used the classic pink strawberries - another absolute fave print by Heather. For the other basket I used again the pink cats, strawberries and this gorgeous Betsy by Liberty!!

Mesh and fold-over elastic:

This step is optional as you can easily leave out the side pockets. Totally up to you. They are super cute though and definitely add to the charm of the basket... You would need only a little mesh and some simple fold-over elastic if you fancy going for it!


For the baskets you will need a combination of interfacing. First of all this slightly stronger fusible interfacing for the outside - to give the basket some structure without making it too stiff. And some interfacing for the lining, to give the basket just a little more shape really... 


I am using two kinds of thread for making a Wee Boxy Basket. All the construction work is done using Aurifil 50wt - for literally every seam that is hidden on the inside. And for topstitching along the top edge of the basket - I am using Aurifil 28wt. Super simple rule really, all visible seams with 28wt and all hidden ones that have to last it's 50wt!


Next to basic sewing tools such as a self healing cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler, I like using wonder clips instead of pins. They are just so much faster to use and I tend not to lose them as quickly. They are a bit of an investment but totally worth it if you like to spoil yourself. But of course, if you prefer pins - there are some wonderful pins out there...

When it comes to marking, I am using a standard fabric marker. Nothing fancy but super quickly applied. All the marks will later be hidden at the inside... Yay!

Sewing Machine:

I am using my Janome MC 6700p - and I love her. She is a real workhorse, so reliable and the seams are gorgeous and always even. Never skipping a stitch. And as a bonus: she looooves Aurifil! Win win...

Making a Wee Boxy Basket is super easy - just a couple straight lines! The only thing you have to consider is changing your needle position from a 1/4" seam allowance to a 1/8" seam allowance and this is were your HP foot comes in handy again. Combine the HP foot with the corresponding HP plate for a perfect 1/4" seam allowance and if you have to change over to a 1/8" seam allowance, just pop in your standard needle plate! And that's all for you to remember - so easy!

Wee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

And now...

Now you that you've organised your sewing space why not making a couple project bags for on-the-run? How about a little more 3D sewing by making a Wee Braw Bag? I promise, it's again super duper easy - only straight lines... 

And dang, they are seriously addictive as well. Head over to my post on the Wee Braw Bag, there I share all my best tips and tricks with you, my fave materials and lots of inspiration. Are you ready...?

Wee Braw Bag sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses


If you feel you need a little extra help - why not join our free Facebook group? If you are new to sewing or still a little intimidated by interfacing, mesh, boxing corners, bag making or your sewing machine in general... I get it. Because I have been there as well! And that is the reason why I am offering a little extra help over in our Facebook group. In learning sections I share lots of helpful tips and tricks with you, answer your questions and even share little videos on HOW TO tackle all my patterns. All you need to make sweet, little pouches with confidence! You can do it... HUZZAHHHH!!

So, what do you think? Fancy joining us...?

Wee Boxy Basket sewing pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

As always - please find me over on Facebook and Instagram for even more inspiration or send me a DM to say hi! I'd love to hear from you.

And finally I like to take the chance to thank Janome UK for working with me. I love my Janome MC 6700p and don't want to miss her anymore... So thanks so much Team Janome for having me!

Take care and Happy Sewing!

Love, Laura x 


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