“This duffle MIGHT, quite literally be THE single cutest think I have EVER made.”

Amanda, United States 

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"I had every intention to follow the Sew Along but then I got carried away and finished two mini versions last night, one for each of my kids. It’s such a great pattern to follow and comes together so quickly. I’m addicted!”

Caroline, England

“It is possibly my favorite pattern of hers yet. As always Laura takes ingenious concepts and walks you through them in a very simple way. Everything I know about bag making I learned from her patterns and if I can do it SO CAN YOU!”

Lexi, United States

"I keep looking at my bag when I’m in my sewing space because I’m super impressed I made that. Such a great pattern as expected from Laura! If I can make it so can you!!"

Mary, United States

“It was a really good sewing experience and has a lot in common with her boxy pouch pattern so if you liked that, you’ll like this.”

Melissa, United States