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Step-by-step Sewing Patterns by me for you. Showing you how to create the cutest little projects with confidence whilst expanding your skill set. Installing zippers, sewing with vinyl, adding a drawstring mechanism or improv piecing… it's all really not that tricky. Pinkie promise!

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"I have always struggled to follow written patterns, but Sweet Cinnamon Roses patterns read more like a tutorial and I didn’t struggle at all."

Susan, California 

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Let me show you how to make a zipper pouch with confidence - because zippers don't have to be tricky. Only straight lines, my friend! Download your copy of the Patchwork Pencil Case here.

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"Made my first Wee Braw Bag this week, I just love it. Felt so proud of myself."

Jane, England

Wee Braw Bag

Perfectly round, reversible, plenty of pockets, so versatile and ohhhh so cute. I can't even remember how many I made - but there've been a lot. It's my absolute go-to project if I need a quick little gift for my knitting mother-in-law or end of term teacher gifts.

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"I love all Sweet Cinnamon Roses patterns for simplicity and amazing results every time."

Daria, England

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