"I have always struggled to follow written patterns, but Sweet Cinnamon Roses patterns read more like a tutorial and I didn’t struggle at all."

Susan, California 

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Step-by-step Sewing Patterns and pre-recorded Sewing Classes by me for you. Showing you how to create the cutest little projects with confidence whilst expanding your skill set. Installing zippers, sewing with vinyl, adding a drawstring mechanism or improv piecing… it's all really not that tricky. Pinkie promise!

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Quilted Boxy Pouch SAL

Five days of relaxed sewing. Sounds good, ehh?

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"Made my first Wee Braw Bag this week, I just love it. Felt so proud of myself."

Jane, England

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Sweet Cinnamon Roses - on demand sewing course, project bag

Sewing Class

Project Bag is created in a way that you can make your very first item within one afternoon/ sitting. Binge watch the videos first or sew right alongside me.

Five easy to digest modules cover the basics of bag making before personalising your project bag in the bonus sections.

Level: beginner friendly!

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"This little bag is like popcorn. I can’t stop!!"

Phoebe, South Carolina

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"I love all Sweet Cinnamon Roses patterns for simplicity and amazing results every time."

Daria, England