Anyone can make this bag

Anyone can make this bag pattern and video tutorial

Amazing news

I am so excited to introduce you to my brand new pattern

Are you ready? It's the ... the ANYONE CAN MAKE THIS BAG. And it's really true. Everyone can make one and it's so super easy!

"Laura has done it again; taking beautiful finishing concepts for bag making and breaking them down in a simple easy to understand way. Seriously, everything I know about bag making I learned from Laura’s patterns. If I can figure it out, anyone can!” Lexi, United States

Anyone can make this bag pattern and video tutorialAnyone can make this bag pattern and video tutorial

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But let me share a little more with you...

Many people assume bag making is hard. All the bags and pouches. And especially everything slightly 3D'ish. 

But here's the secret. It actually is not!

You can totally make it all. Every single pattern is designed with beginners in mind. Maybe you have to be a little confident - trusting yourself. But you can definitely do it. Pinkie promise!

And this one. As the name states, is truly super simple. So anyone can really make this bag! Fact!!

“Omg cutest flipping bag ever. And the construction is genius.” Marja, England

Anyone can make this bag pattern and video tutorialAnyone can make this bag pattern and video tutorial

Now let me show you how the ANYONE CAN MAKE THIS BAG looks on the inside.

It's so much more spacious than you might think... (it's really deep!!). And this is the smaller one. Obviously, the large one is even bigger... :)

Anyone can make this bag pattern and video tutorial

In here I've got a large Quilted Boxy Pouch, ruler, wonder clips, thread, pens, measuring tape and a needle case. 


But let's talk about the ANYONE CAN MAKE THIS BAG a little more.

Shall we?

The pattern is absolutely scrap friendly, suitable for beginners (obviously) and best of all... it comes in two sizes. But let's break it down a little more. 

  • There are two versions! You can either make the whole cloth version (aka the outside of your bag is made of only one print) or go patchwork (aka using all your fave scraps to piece the outside panel, patchwork project but super simple). 
  • I show you how to box out corners in a fun, new way with ease!
  • How to construct the bag (again... easy!).
  • And finally, best of all - you can also watch the free video tutorial right here (see below). 

And of course, make sure to follow me on YouTube for more!

In the video I walk you through every step of the process. Trust me. It's so easy. Remember... anyone can make it! That easy.

Anyone can make this bag pattern and video tutorial

“This is the cutest bag! It was so fun to make and truly anyone can make it.” Kathryn, United States

And this is what you'll need

Now let's talk about the materials a little more. 

Shall we? Let's go...

First of all - you will need your copy of the pattern which you can find in my shop. Remember, it's a measure and cut pattern, meaning all pattern pieces are cut using a rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler. No need to print anything, unless you wish to do so. So you can start straight away picking your fabric!

And here the list with all the things you'll need:

  • quilting cotton
  • Soft and Stable*
  • fusible interfacing
  • thread
  • basic quilty notions


You will need fabric. Obviously. I like using quilting cotton (I yet have to make one using Liberty *eeeep*) but of course other fabric works as well. Whatever you have on hand. Ohhh... and for the patchwork version, this is a great chance for you to use up some of your most precious scraps. Just sayin'!

Soft and Stable:

You will need Soft and Stable for this bag. No replacement really works (please don't compromise). I usually use left over quilt batting for all my projects... but it just wouldn't be strong enough to give the bag enough structure. So Soft and Stable it is. It's a fun material and you can even make super large bags with it... and end up with amazing structure. 

* You can, of course, use a different form of foam stabiliser. But the texture will be different. Feel free to play with what you've got at home... but please note, if you like to achieve the feel and texture of bags shown in the pattern/ blog post, make sure to use Soft and Stable.

Fusible interfacing:

By far, the best interfacing is Pellon SF101. But let me tell you why: it gives quilting cotton the structure of canvas. Making it just a little thicker. Without puckering or any other unwanted side effects. It's cheap and versatile. You will only need a little to give your handles a little more structure (so they are not too floppy).


You will need thread. For the construction of the bag, I am using Aurifil 50wt. That's for all the seams that are not visible later on but have to last. 

And for quilting and topstitching along the edges, I am switching over to Aurifil 28wt. That's for all the seams that are visible later on. The result looks super neat! 

Find out more about thread and when to use which thread weight over on my blog post here.

Basic Quilty Notions:

And finally, you'll need some basic quilty notions. You probably have most of them already at home.

Make sure you have a large enough cutting mat, a ruler and rotary cutter. And for marking your quilty lines, I would highly suggest to get a hera marker. It only ever leaves creases and no nasty stains behind!

And that's it. All you really need.

Anyone can make this bag PDF pattern and video tutorial

And finally.

As mentioned above the pattern comes in two styles. The whole cloth version and scrappy. And scrappy improv might be my favourite. The bags are just boosting with character.

And bonus point: you get to use up some of your precious scraps.

Over here on my blog you can find a designated blog post, instructions and video tutorial on how I like to piece my scrappy panels. It's so much fun and definitely also beginner friendly. 

But see for yourself.

scrappy patchwork piecing video tutorial

Ohhh... I might have lied. Here's one more thing. 

Did we speak about corners yet? No...? Well, here we go. 

The construction of the Anyone Can Make This Bag is super simple. Just a couple straight lines to sew. No boxing out corners the classic way by cutting out little squares (even though I do love that very effective technique a lot).

It's better.

We are doing some fun folding. Almost like origami. And then. Your bag ends up with the most beautiful folded corners. Super neat and almost magical

But look for yourself.

“The construction for the bottom of the bag is genius! I love how it comes together for a boxed bottom. Another fantastic pattern.” Kristen, Phoenix 

Anyone can make this bag PDF sewing pattern and tutorialAnyone can make this bag PDF sewing pattern for beginners

Can you see the neat little corner - nicely tucked into the side seam of your bag. It's so fun and I know you will like this technique.

And of course - if you have any questions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am only an email ( away and here to help you.

Hope you'll love the Anyone Can Make This Bag as much as I do.

Best + big quilty hugs.

Laura x

Anyone can make this bag PDF sewing patternAnyone can make this bag PDF sewing pattern in two sizesAnyone can make this bag PDF sewing pattern and video tutorial


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