You’re in need of an escape from your stressful day and you really don’t want to think about the knitty gritty details anymore. The last thing you need is to figure it all out by yourself - and to be honest… why should you? Surely someone has that figured out for you already! If this is you



    Your new best sewing buddy - carefully walking you through every step. Almost as if I’m sitting right next to you.

    But let me introduce myself...


    Hi there, I am Laura and I specialise in step-by-step sewing patterns showing you how to create the cutest projects with confidence. I strongly believe that patterns are all about learning new skills so you can literally make anything you put your mind to. Because you, my friend, are truly in charge of your sewing machine!

"I love the Wee Braw Bag. It makes a beginner like me feel like a professional."

Angie, Mississippi 

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    In 2012 I got my first sewing machine (off Amazon for just under a £100) and back then I had no idea what to do with it. I literally didn’t even know how to turn her on - not even speaking of sewing a straight line. But with a little determination and the help of my trusted seam ripper, I fell in love with sewing and quilting.


    Years later here I am…now working with Janome, Aurifil and Love Patchwork and Quilting but most important with YOU! Teaching you how to create with confidence is my true calling. Genuinely - I love it.

"I love all Sweet Cinnamon Roses patterns for simplicity and amazing results every time."

Daria, England

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  • I wish I had a mentor back in 2012 - someone who could have shown me how to actually thread that little sewing machine. Oh boy, I was so scared I would sew right through my fingers and you know what… it got really close (several times).

  • But seriously. In the end sewing is not really that hard and I would be delighted to show you what I’ve learned. Talking you through step-by-step. Because zippers don’t have to be tricky or complicated. You can sew a straight line - then you can tackle every zipper. Pinkie promise!

  • You ready? Let’s go.

    If you fancy learning a new skill but like to keep it easy - the Wee Braw Bag would be the perfect project for you. Scrap- and beginner friendly and made in no time at all. Sounds good, eh? 

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"I can’t stop making Wee Braw Bags… and when I’m not making them I’m thinking about colour combinations! I just love them."

Lilly, Australia

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Sewing Blog

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