Sweet Travel Pouch

Sweet Travel Pouch pattern and tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Ohhhh my goodness... I am ohhh, so excited. Guess what!! 


Today is the day - launch day to be precise. And I get to introduce you to my latest pattern. The Sweet Travel Pouch

Sweet Travel Pouch pattern and tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon RosesDisclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

But let's start at the beginning. Shall we?

Very, very soon we are going on a holiday. It has been planned for over three years, cancelled twice and it looks like that we are finally able to go. And my friend, I can't tell you how excited I am to finally take my family away for a couple of weeks.

As it's Disney, we have to be prepared. Well. That's at least the way I like to holiday. Have it all neatly planned and all organised. Hahaha, in fact I watched all the pack with me videos over on YT and really might have fallen a little into a new-to-me rabbit hole...

However. One thing that totally got me impressed, was how folks organise the insides or their bags. And I am not even talking about packing cubes (even though they look amazing as well). More like how to organise your backpack - mini packing cubes if you like...

And you know what - I was sooooo close to ordering a set of mini packing cubes. Until it dawned to me. I could totally make them myself. Or something very similar.

In fact. A couple years ago I wrote a pattern for the Peek a Pouch - which pretty much became the basis for the Sweet Travel Pouch. 

Sweet Travel Pouch pattern and tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

And just like that - the Sweet Travel Pouch was born

A super thin pouch (hence minimal lining and no unnecessary interfacing) to keep all your bits and bobs organised. It pretty much weighs nothing

The packing cube for your handbag if you like.

Sweet Travel Pouch pattern and tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon RosesSweet Travel Pouch pattern and tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Ok. Now let me talk you through the details of the pattern a little more.

Are you ready?

Sweet Travel Pouch Pattern Specs

The pattern is absolutely scrap friendly, suitable for beginners and best of all... comes with a bonus video tutorial for you! But let's break it down a little more. 

  • The Sweet Travel Pouch pattern comes in three sizes (square, medium and large) but at the same time is suuuuper easy to customise. After you made one, you'll find how easy it is to adjust the measurements to your liking. 
  • Yes, the pattern does include vinyl but please don't be scared! You can find my best tips for sewing with vinyl over here.
  • And as a bonus - watch the free video tutorial below walking you through all the steps.

Pause the video and literally sew along with me!

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    Sweet Travel Pouch pattern and tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

    What you'll need

    Now let's talk about the materials a little more. 

    Shall we?

    First of all - you will need your copy of the pattern which you can find in my shop. Remember, it's a measure and cut pattern, meaning all pattern pieces are cut using a rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler. No need to print anything, unless you wish to do so. So you can start straight away picking your fabric!

    And here the list with all the things you'll need:

    • fabric
    • vinyl
    • zipper
    • thread
    • teflon sewing foot (optional)


    You will need fabric. Obviously. I like using quilting cotton (I yet have to make one using Liberty *eeeep*) but of course other fabric works as well. Like coated fabric if you like the pouch to be a little more waterproof. 

    Just make sure to go with fabric that's not too thick as your pouch won't be as light weight and flexible anymore. But of course - that's totally up to you. If you like to go for a more solid pouch... you go girl!


    As the pouch is all about keeping things organised - I would suggest plain vinyl. You want to see what's inside, right?

    But again. That's up to you. If you like to spice up your pouch using coloured vinyl or glittery ones, feel free to make it your own. 


    I always use 10" zippers. Like ALWAYS. They are my absolute go-to zipper length for literally everything. Even for much smaller pouches... you can always chop off the ends of a plastic zipper, right?

    And now the tip: buy them in bulk! I order mine all the way from the US but they are here in absolute no time, super cheap if I buy a pack of 50 or more and the colour choice is amazing (cotton candy pink, bubble gum pink and gray are my faves if you were wondering). 


    You will need thread. For the construction of the pouch, I am using Aurifil 50wt. That's for all the seams that are not visible later on but have to last. 

    And for topstitching along the zipper and vinyl pieces, I am switching over to Aurifil 28wt. That's for all the seams that are visible later on. The result looks super neat! 

    Teflon foot (optional):

    You will find me using a teflon foot in the bonus video tutorial. It's my preferred way of sewing vinyl. But if you don't have one (yet) - please don't worry. You can still make your pouch today.

    Just head over to my blog post here where I show you how to tackle vinyl - 3 super easy ways. And best of all, you probably have everything at home already to get started today. 

    Sweet Travel Pouch pattern and tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon RosesSweet Travel Pouch pattern and tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon RosesSweet Travel Pouch pattern and tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

    And that's a wrap, my friend. I hope you will be equally excited to get yourself organised. Making all the bags for inside your bag

    You will definitely find me making some more before we head off to Disney. Better be prepared. 

    Take care and happy Bag Making!

    Laura x 


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