Sewing with vinyl - three easy ways

Vinyl can be suuuper tricky!

It's sticky and hard to control. You can't use needles as they leave holes and when you've finally finished that project, after pushing and pulling it through your machine - the vinyl has warped, maybe even cracked and it's everything but neat.

Not exactly fun. I totally get it!

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I love sewing with vinyl! But I totally agree with you - it can be super tricky to work with (especially if you don't know how).  

But trust me. It doesn't have to be hard. If I can do it - you can totally do it as well!

Let me show you how.

Sewing with vinyl - 3 easy ways (video tutorial)

In this video tutorial I show you three, super easy ways how to tackle vinyl. Two DIY options - showing you how to get started today. And my favourite way, which does include a little investment but is ohhhh so worth it.

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It took me quite a bit of trial and error... and I have been using the DIY options for wayyy to long. But now that I have invested in a Teflon - I will never ever go back again.

And here again the three options you have:

  • covering your sewing foot using washi tape (DIY option number 1)
  • use either baking paper (parchment paper if you're in the US) or craft tissue as a layer in between your vinyl and sewing machine (DIY option 2)
  • invest in a teflon foot for your machine - I promise it's absolutely worth it (pro option)

I only wish I had made that investment much earlier. In fact - I probably dropped a lot of money on baking paper. Duhh. 

And while we are talking about materials. Let's focus on vinyl a little. There are super fun ones out there, in plenty of amazing colours, glitter ones and all the fun faux leathers (hello mermaid scales). 

But my absolute go-to vinyl is this plain see through vinyl. It's super versatile and I use it pretty much for all my vinyl projects. At any given time - I have at least three rolls in my stash. Just to be sure. 

Vinyl projects I love

And finally - let's have a look into some fun patterns using vinyl. Shall we?

Did you know, that the very first sewing pattern I wrote for you was the See It All Pouch? And it does featured vinyl! Well... now you know.

And only a couple of weeks ago I've madly re-fallen in love with this project again.

Sewing with Vinyl - 3 easy ways, video tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

In only a few weeks now we are going to Disney. We planned this holiday over three years ago, had to cancel twice and hope that we are finally able to go.

After watching literally all the Pack With Me for Disney videos on YT, I was convinced I needed to be kitted out for all sorts of emergencies. Paracetamol, blister plasters, sun cream, hair bobbles... you name it. Dang, I was soooo close to ordering a first aid kit off Amazon. 

Don't get me wrong. They look great - but surely I can make one myself. And maybe even cuter.

Sewing with Vinyl - 3 easy ways, video tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon RosesSewing with Vinyl - 3 easy ways, video tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon RosesSewing with Vinyl - 3 easy ways, video tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

We now have a super cute first aid zipper pouch. And as a bonus, my son got to fill it all up with his fave plasters. Win win.

All whilst I won't be in trouble with my husband over yet another Amazon order arriving on our door step. Y-A-Y!

Sewing with Vinyl - 3 easy ways, video tutorial by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

From now on, I hope you won't be intimidated by vinyl anymore. It's such a fun and versatile material that you really don't want to miss out on.

But of course - if you have any questions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am only an email away.

Take care and Happy Sewing!

Love, Laura x 


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What gauge of vinyl should I be looking to work with , the one I tried before was quite difficult especially when bagging out . Think that was a 16 .


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