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Zip Around Pouch - a fun, little project

Little zipper pouches... why are they so addictive to make? Every time - like EVERY SINGLE TIME  - I just want to make a quick little project next to all the work I should be doing instead (like doing my taxes, working on that long forgotten WIP, write a new pattern, clean the bathroom, the list is endless...). But then I am becoming obsessed. It never is only one. I have to make them in big batches... Do you know what I am talking about? 

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Handmade Christmas - pattern bundle

I know, I know. We have all the best intentions to create as many Christmas presents as possible ourselves. Every. Single. Year. And every single year we only get around to only making a couple. If at all. But how about actually following up on our good intentions this year? Let's do this together and make lots of presents ourselves this year. Will you join me?

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