Adjustable scrappy shoulder strap tutorial

Adjustable scrappy shoulder strap tutorial

Ever fancied turning your bag into a shoulder bag? Taking your handmade bag on a walk.... but then the logistics of making a strap stopped you in your tracks?

Well. If this is you (and that was definitely me as well), then I have the right tutorial for you

Let me show you how to make a super easy, adjustable strap from scraps. You ready? Let's go!

Adjustable scrappy shoulder strap tutorial

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Video Tutorial

Again. This is super easy. Just grab your favourite scraps, two swivel hooks and a slider and you're ready to go.

Ohhh... and of course. You can find all the materials I use listed below as well as the free PDF pattern.

But now. Let's go and watch the video tutorial right here!

Adjustable scrappy shoulder strap tutorial

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You see?! It's pretty straight forward. 

Start by making your strap before adding your hardware. Sew it all in place. And done.

I've written a quick pattern (free) if you like to print/ read all the instructions again. Just have a look below and grab your free copy.

Download your free pattern here

If you're a visual learner and want to read through the instructions again - I created this free pattern just for you. Make sure to grab your copy right here and get started right away.

Adjustable scrappy shoulder strap tutorial

Materials needed + Hardware

And this is what you'll need. I promise, it's not a lot!

EDIT. I am so sorry but couldn't find the original hardware I used anymore. But, I found something super similar on Etsy. Also made out of plastic and it comes in all the colours. It's coming all the way from China and I've ordered a whole bunch. I let you know what I think as soon as they arrive. 

It's two shops on Etsy. This one shop has super cute swivel hooks and all the colours. But unfortunately no sliders or D-rings. And then this shop has pretty much everything. Cute sliders, swivel hooks and D-rings in lovely colours as well. Slightly different in style but also amazing. I think!

SECOND EDIT. My hardware has finally arrived and I can let you know what I think (see them all next to each other in the picture below). All Etsy ones are super cute and come in great colours. But I don't think the small ones actually work for your shoulder strap (maybe they are better if you like to make lanyards etc). Not sure if they are strong enough to hold your bag. The larger ones on the other hand are amazing! The quality is great. The colours are perfect. And the size and style is so similar to the original ones I used (the ones that are unfortunately sold out).  

Hardware for your Duffle Bag and shoulder strapHardware for your Shoulder Strap

Again. I can highly recommend the larger ones (here on the left). They are sturdy and come in a wide colour range. While the smaller ones (here on the right) are just a little too small and maybe more suitable for making lanyards. Cute but not strong enough for your bags.

And of course. You will also need some of your basic sewing/ quilting notions. Such as a ruler, rotary cutter, cutting mat, thread (I like to use a combination of Aurifil 50wt and Aurifil 28wt).

And again - make sure to grab your free copy of the pattern right here.

Scrappy strap in use

And finally. Make sure to add D-rings to all your fave bags and pouches - ready to turn them into shoulder or cross body bags.

I love doing with my Wee Billow Bags and of course - my new pattern. The Easy Duffle Bag

In the meantime. Here some pictures of my straps in use.

Scrappy shoulder bag made out of scraps tutorialAdjustable scrappy shoulder strap tutorial

And that's a wrap, my friend. Hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial. And now you're ready to turn all your bags into shoulder bags as well. Yay.

Happy Sewing.

Laura x


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