a little more about the weebillowbag


Dang. I am so excited to finally be able to share my new pattern with you. The WeeBillowBag. I seriously love it and I think it's my favourite pattern so far. Not kidding when I say, that I love every one I made so far... 

Malibu WeeBillowBag 

This quilted one, made using Malibu by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics, is the smaller one (the pattern comes in two sizes!). Here you can see nicely how deep it is - 2.5" to be precise (the larger one is 3.5" deep).

Weebillowbag Posy 

And then I made this one!! My most recent version and also the one I love the most. It's the smaller one in size, all quilted and using the most gorgeous Posy prints by my sweet friend Annabel Wrigley, also for Windham. And as this one was for my daughter and we had a little trip to Edinburgh coming up, I thought it would be fun to add a shoulder strap. And what can I say, she loved it and carried it around with her all the time (which definitely is a huge compliment/ commitment). 


I seriously love this one so much. So. No shame. I will show you even more pictures of it.


Awwww. Sorry for that. I just had to...

liberty weebillowbagweebillowbag

This liberty weebillowbag was one of the first prototypes I made and it turned out so stinking cute. Guess you can never be wrong with liberty. If you follow me on Instagram you probably know by now that I always, always, always use my best prints for everything. Time is just too short to sew with fabric you don't love. Even for prototypes (and face masks for that matter). And another bonus is that even little puckers look cute when they are made of liberty.

Aww, I really hope you will love this bag as much as I do. It really is my favourite so far and I know you shouldn't have favourites. But heyhoo. 

Please have a look in my shop if you fancy making one yourself or check on Instagram for all the beautiful WeeBillowBags that are already out there.

L x

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