a little more about the weeboxybasket

Let me introduce you to the weeboxybasket. It is a little basket or maybe more of a box. Hmmm. Whatever you like it to be. However, it's incredibly handy for storing all your sewing notions


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But let me show you a couple more pictures.

wee boxy basket patternwee boxy basket, patternwee boxy basket pattern

The pattern comes in two sizes. A large rectangular one (measuring approx. 3.5'' x 3'' x 6.5'' (wxhxd)) and a wee square one (measuring approx. 3'' x 2.5'' x 3'' (wxhxd)). Both are super quick to make and so easy to customise. You can add mesh pockets, or leave them out all together, go all scrappy, add hand stitches, add labels or piping. The possibilities are literally endless. Just have fun and play with the pattern. 

wee boxy basket pattern

Especially with the small square ones I like to add "faux" piping. I simply use the seam allowance to create a piping from the binding. It's so easy but so effective. 

I walk you through the "faux" piping technique over on my latest blog on the Christmas WeeBrawBag - there I show you in a video tutorial exactly how easy it is to add this fun little feature

wee boxy basket patternwee boxy basket patternwee boxy basket

So, the weeboxybasket is obviously great to keep all your notions organised. But the basket itself is also so much fun decorate. I added some beautiful sewing pins by PinkCoatClub. So pretty, right? Awww, I better buy some more... 

I really hope you will like the weeboxybaskets as much as I do. They are so fun and quick to make and super handy to have around in the house and/ or sewing studio.

Alright. Here a couple more pictures for you but as always, please check the #weeboxybasket on Instagram for more inspiration. There are already so many cute versions out there by you ladies! 

wee boxy basket weeboxybasketweeboxybasket weeboxybasketweeboxybasketweeboxybasket

And finally before I forget. A couple words regarding the materials. I use Craft Fuse and SF101 by Pellon for the pattern. I only find Craft Fuse to be strong enough to give structure whilst not being too stiff. An alternative to Craft Fuse would be Vlieseline Vilene S320 but anything else might just not work as well, I am afraid. 

Optional are the mesh pockets and fold over elastics, you could obviously skip that step but I find the pockets just too cute. But that's totally up to you. 

Happy Sewing, my friend!

Laura x 


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