Best Tips on Quilting by Hand

Best tips on quilting by hand - Sewing Blog

Remember my latest pattern?!

The Tiny Needle Book that wasn't "just" a PDF pattern but also came in form of an online sewing class?

Yes...? Good!

Needle Book, online sewing course for bag makers

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If you're interested in the stand alone PDF sewing pattern - please hop over to my shop to grab your copy. Or find out more about the needle book in this blog post.

Now... *drumrolls*... 

As of now - the online sewing course is updated. Also including a bonus section on "how to quilt by hand"

We cover how you can personalise the outside of your needle book even more. Adding the cutest little quilty stitches by hand. And trust me - it's in fact super easy, almost therapeutic and oh so cute.

Best tips on quilting by hand - Sewing BlogBest tips on quilting by hand - Sewing BlogBest tips on quilting by hand - Sewing Blog

Let's dive in. Shall we...?

You will need a couple things. But not too much, so please bear with me.

Best tips on quilting by hand - Sewing Blog

What you'll need

In fact, it's only four things and you might have them already at home. So let's get started.

  • thimble: get a comfy thimble that you can wear and almost forget about (your needle might get a little stuck sometimes and the thimble will help to push it right through your fabric)
  • sharp needles: if you're like me and already having a value pack of a gazillion needle at home - please invest in a couple good ones! You want them to go through your fabric like butter and make it as easy as possible for your fingers and wrist 
  • thread: I am always, always, always using Aurifil 12wt for quilting by hand. The texture is amazing and I will never switch back to any other thread weight (if you like to find out more about thread weight - this blog post is for you)
  • and finally... a needle threader: again, if your eyes (not you, my friend!!!) are getting older or you like to quilt while watching telly with lesser light - a needle threader is an absolute life saver. Only a couple quid but ohhh so worth it

And that's it material-wise.

Hand Quilting Technique

Again. Very simple. And as soon as you've learned the basics, you will find how easy yet therapeutic quilting by hand can be. 

And the best part. It's only a small project. 

Don't get me wrong. Quilting a full blown quilt by hand is fun and actually doen't take as long as you might think. But quilting a small little project like this, is easily done in an hour or so. 

And this is what you'll have to learn:

  • how to tie a quilters knot
  • how to bury your knot (which in fact you don't really need as you can basically ignore the wrong/ left side of your panel)
  • and finally... how to quilt

Are you ready? Just hit play!

That was fun. And easy. Right?

Ohh and remember... If you want more of this - join my online sewing course for step by step video lessons of how to make the full needle book from start to finish.

I show you how to piece the outside. Pick fabric for the inside sections. Insert a zipper and install your felt panel. How to add "faux" piping and finally, how to assemble your needle book!

But of course - if you are happy learning using only the PDF sewing pattern, grab your copy of the pattern over on my shop.

Tiny Needle Book, PDF sewing pattern for beginners

“The construction of the needle book is pure genius! No yucky binding to add. Wahoo!! A very enjoyable and easy sew. I’d totally recommend it.”

Laura, New Zealand

Hope this was helpful and you start quilting more of your projects by hand!

Take care + happy Hand Quilting

Laura xx


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