DIY Halloween Zipper Pouch

 Free Halloween Zipper Pouch Tutorial for Beginners

Want to be crafty this Halloween...? Let zippers not scare you anymore

Make this cute little zipper pouch with me. I share my best tips and tricks, fave materials and a quick video tutorial with you.

Because zippers aren't scary. Trust me!

Ok. Let's get started.

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You will need

And this is what you'll need. Grab some spooky fabric, a plastic zipper, thread and you're all ready to go.

Halloween Zipper Pouch for Beginners


And here are my measurements (but of course - change them up if you like to).

  • outside fabric (2x) - 4" x 6"
  • lining fabric (2x) - 4" x 6"
  • 6" zipper
  • curved corners (I used washi tape for tracing the corners)

And that's it, my friend. I am sure you already have everything at home already and can get started straight away!


Finally. Let's talk about how to actually make your zipper pouch. It's super easy. Trust me. 

Watch me make my pouch over here!

Inserting the zipper:

  • Grab your lining and place it in front of you, right side facing up.
  • On top place your zipper, zipper teeth facing up.
  • And finally, place your outside fabric on top, right side facing down.
  • Make sure it's all neatly lined up and clip it all in place.
  • Now sew along the edge using a zipper foot or your 1/4" foot.

Repeat for the other side. Then open up your sandwich and give it a good press. Topstitch along the edges using Aurifil 28wt.


  • Open up your zipper (at least half way).
  • Place outside fabric against outside fabric and lining against lining. 
  • Make sure the zipper teeth are facing towards the lining (for a neat finish).
  • Clip it all in place.
  • Now sew once around the pouch leaving an opening at the bottom of your lining.
  • Draw rounded corners into all fours corners (I am using washi tape) and trace those lines with your sewing machine. 

Clip the edges. Turn your bag right side out and close the opening (either by hand or machine). Give it a good press and you're all done!

Want to see me actually make mine?! Jump over here and watch the video tutorial. It's really this easy.

Halloween Zipper Pouch for Beginners

And now...

Y-A-Y! That was easy... right? Zippers are NOT scary at all and you can totally do it!

Just a couple straight lines. Line up the fabric neatly and your sewing machine pretty much does the rest for you.

No more excuses! 

Zippers aren't red flags for you anymore. Right...?!

Halloween Zipper Pouch and Needle Book PDF Sewing Pattern

And now that you've made this cute little zipper pouch - you'll know how easy it is to insert a zipper. 

So why not challenge yourself to this cute little project

I promise. It's just as easy - lots of straight lines! You will also learn how to add faux piping (again, only straight lines) and how to assemble this more advanced little project. But it's really like magic and comes together so nicely. Almost like magic.

But don't just take my word for it. Read what Laura from New Zealand is saying:

“The construction of the needle book is pure genius! No yucky binding to add. Wahoo!! A very enjoyable and easy sew. I’d totally recommend it.”
Laura, New Zealand 

Needle Book PDF Sewing Pattern and Sewing CourseNeedle Book PDF Sewing Pattern and Sewing CourseNeedle Book PDF Sewing Pattern and Sewing CourseNeedle Book PDF Sewing Pattern and Sewing Course

But of course. If you feel you'll need a little more help and a PDF pattern alone doesn't do the trick for you - why not join my virtual sewing class?

Next to the PDF pattern you'll have access to bite-size video tutorials, covering every step of the process. A fab option for you if you're a visual learner!

Learn more about the online sewing course over here.

Cool. I hope to see you in class, my friend.

Needle Book PDF Sewing Pattern and Sewing Course

Take care and as always - happy Bag Making!

Laura xx


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