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Sewing and Quilting Notions - gift guide blog post by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Ohh... I am so excited about this post. Something I wanted to share with you for quite a bit! 

Over the past couple months I have been working behind the scenes on upgrading my small sewing corner. We live in a very old, small and dark little cottage in the North East of Scotland. It's beautiful here but space is limited. Like very limited. Fun fact: my first flat as a student was bigger than the house we own now as a family of four (and trust me, I was not living a posh student life back in the days). 

So it's all about utilising the precious, little space I have. Making it most efficient in order to be super productive

Sewing and Quilting Notions - gift guide blog post by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

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I have been testing all these items (a lot) - so you might have seen me using them over on Instagram. Little peeks into my behind the scenes. And oh my... I got so many questions and messages! Only confirming that you are also super keen on making your sewing space work better for you as well. 

So are you ready to see some of my new favourite gadgets, purchases and tools? Things that really made a difference and most important - didn't break the bank either.  

You can find all my faves sewing supplies and tools over in my Amazon Store (for the UK) and my in Amazon Store (for the US) as well!

A slightly different gift guide if you like! Gifts for yourself - making your space more efficient in order to be super creative! Are you ready?

Here we go, my friend


Please let me introduce you to my new bestie! The small, portable Foldi Go. A foldable lamp by The Daylight Company and my new best friend for on the run. Or all around the house! Wherever you like to be creative...

Sewing and Quilting Notions - gift guide blog post by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

The Foldi Go comes in this super neat little case, takes me about two seconds to un-fold and really brightens up the area that I am working in. So super handy.

Best part - if you'd asked me is that I don't have to sit next to a plug to get all set up. You can charge it and then take it wherever you need it! Hahaha my daughter tries to get a hold of it whenever she can to read in bed...

Ohhh... and I also have a new lamp by The Daylight Company for my sewing corner - the Luminos. Super duper bright and really makes a difference (especially if you also need good lighting for taking pictures and videos while sewing). A little more expensive maybe but worth every cent, my friends. 

And now... a little treat for you! The lovely team over at The Daylight Company are super generous and agreed to set up a discount code just for you. Please use SWEET10 to take 10% off of your order (valid till the end of 2021). Y-A-Y!

Sewing and Quilting Notions - gift guide blog post by Sweet Cinnamon Roses


Hahaha... maybe I did't really improve the entrainment side of things but definitely the set up. 

Just a couple months ago I got a new sewing machine - the Janome M7 - a machine even bigger than the one I had before. She's amazing and ohhh so big. Like taking up almost all the space on my little table. Which is great because I now have even more space to sew but... I couldn't see my iPad anymore. It literally disappeared behind the M7.

So I needed that fixed. Because what is quilting (and sewing for that matter) without Netflix. Right?

Sewing and Quilting Notions - gift guide blog post by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

It took me a while to find the right one - as I wanted it to be super sturdy - and I found a holder thing for my iPad. I know, I know... there is probably much cheaper ones out there but it had to be the real deal. 

Do you get that when you're sewing super fast and your machine slightly starts vibrating. Always happens with me at a certain speed and that's totally fine as I love to go fast... but I didn't want the iPad and my fave show to go buzzing with me and the M7. And this one is sturdy and no matter how fast I go - Sons of Anarchy isn't going anywhere!

Ohhh and by the way - even if you're not into Netflix while sewing, having the iPad right there is incredible if you like to have your sewing pattern to always be in sight. 

Have a look at my Sewing Studio faves on Amazon (UK) and my Amazon Shop for the US for even more info on what I am using. 


Maybe not the most exciting purchase you might think (well that's what I thought for years at least) but ohhh my goodness. What a game changer...

I got myself a new ironing board as a birthday treat this year. After using the same old one that seriously fell apart - you wouldn't believe the amount of burn marks and even holes in that poor thing!

So this summer I got a new, super large one. But most important - height adjustable. As I am very tall and I really had enough of bunching over. Pressing was always the job I hated the most.

Sewing and Quilting Notions - gift guide blog post by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Of course if folds up neatly whenever I don't need it - ready to disappear behind my cupboard.

I have lots of space for pressing now, it's sturdy and doesn't wobble anymore and guess what... I don't hate pressing anymore! So good and I only wonder why I never upgraded years ago. Not really that big of an investment but again, worth every penny.

Find the ironing board, my different irons and the bottles I use in my Amazon Shop (for the UK) or in my Amazon Shop for the US.


For years I've planned my whole life, everything around my business and my kids social life on my phone and computer (the calendar app is great I think). But I did miss appointments occasionally and in regards to my business - I wasn't as productive over the day as I thought I could be. 

At the beginning of the year I decided to give a paper planner a go. I was everything but convinced but as I was in need of more structure and efficiency, so I gave it a go and ordered a planner...

Sewing and Quilting Notions - gift guide blog post by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

And what can I say... I am totally converted. I get it now why people are raving about planners. 

To be honest - I have no idea about the science behind it but I promise there is magic in bringing your ideas down on paper using an actual pen. Ticking things off and letting my brain move on from that idea as it's now safely stored in the planner. Something like that. Magic!

Of course I ordered another one for next year. Something a little different but I am super excited to get my hands on it. Planning is now a crucial part to my life and even more my business. 

And you know what's the best - buying new shiny pens for my planner is almost as good as shopping for sewing notions. These neon jelly pens are my current obsession and just today I ordered another pack of them... *ooopsie*!


And as we were just talking about notions... Let's dive into my fave topic a little more. Shall we...?

Sewing and Quilting Notions - gift guide blog post by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Good sewing and quilting notions are a bit of an ongoing investment with me. Each of them maybe not the biggest investment but they certainly add up. Saying that... they also make my life easier, more efficient and most definitely more fun. Who doesn't like to buy new markers, rulers, thread, pins and needles... Right?

So recently I bought more friction pens as my old ones were all running out. Same for pins and wonder clips - how come that they always disappear??

If you like to see what else I have in my drawers - check out my fave sewing and quilting notions over here (for the UK) or over here for the US equivalent.

Sewing and Quilting Notions - gift guide blog post by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

And that's a wrap, my friend. Five areas I invested in over the past couple months. Things that changed my behaviour, processes or just made me plain happy. I love being organised and super efficient and these definitely helped me a lot!

Happy Sewing, my friend!

Laura x 


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Hi Diana! The light is amazing…, right? Please have a look t my Amazon Shop (you can find the link above). There I’ve listed all my fave notions and tools for my sewing corner. L x


I like that light where can I get one


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