Halloween Glitta Pouches

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Every single year I have to make these for my kids and dang, let me be honest with you... I looooove making them. They are just so fun and super quick to make.

Glitta pouch pattern by Laura Cunningham of Sweet Cinnamon Roses

And this is the secret ingredient - glitter in all forms and colours! The bigger the shapes the easier they float through your pouch and make it even more fun to shake them. Even better, a combination of fine glitter for extra sparkles and then adding some fun shapes on top. You will love it!

Dang. Can you see those tiny hearts? I can't wait for Valentines (not too long anymore... right?) to make lots and lots of sweet Glitta pouches

Glitta pouch pattern by Laura Cunningham of Sweet Cinnamon Roses

And this is all the materials you'll need: glitter and fabric obviously. Then some pliable vinyl, I like using 12 gauge vinyl as it's strong enough to be handled but still not too stiff to be working with. A fun plastic zipper and of course wonder clips, as you don't want to use needles piercing your vinyl. 

I found some great options for glitter on Etsy - they really come in all kind of colours and even themes. I think they are meant for nails and make up but heyhooo, they definitely go nicely in any Glitta pouch. There's also a wide variety over on Amazon. Again, I like the make up and nail ones but have a look maybe for themed ones for Christmas as well...

Finally a Teflon foot (not pictured) comes in super handy when sewing vinyl as your standard sewing foot might be sticking to the vinyl. But please don't worry, if you don't have one on hand, I'll talk you through a neat little workaround within the pattern - a cheap little alternative to get you started. You'll be surprised how well that works as well. 

Halloween Glitta pouch by SCR

And this is the one I made for my son, who is deeply in love with all things Halloween. He is literally waiting all year for Halloween - Christmas and birthdays are nothing compared to spooky season to him... 

Halloween Glitta pouch - pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Halloween Glitta pouch - pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Halloween Glitta pouch - pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

This year I used this cute print by Heidi Kenney I got from Spoonflower a couple years ago. I had it stashed away for something super special but I figure now is the time to use it. As I don't want to have all these cute fabric and by the time I am ready to cut into them my kids think they are uncool and probably are off to uni anyway... So here we go. Nothing is too precious anymore and will be used as I see fit.

Halloween Glitta pouch - pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Halloween Glitta pouch - pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Here the one from last year. Can you see, here I used both kinds of glitter. The tiny ones for extra sparkles and the bigger stars to float around freely. The effect is amazing and dang, it's such a super easy and quick make.

Halloween Glitta pouch - pattern by Sweet Cinnamon RosesHow are your Halloween preparations going? Are you as mad for Halloween as we are? If so - maybe try the Glitta pouch for yourself. I promise you'll have lots of fun making one (and you probably won't be able to stop as they might be a little addictive but you can't say I haven't warned you). 

I hope you're having a fun Halloween this year, even though there might not be much trick or treating this year. Stay safe and take care, my friends.

Laura x 


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