How to close your seams by hand using a ladder stitch (aka mattress stitch)

When it comes to bag making, you usually have to turn your bag or pouch through the opening in your lining. 

And then what?!

Closing the seam by machine is often not very neat but you don't know how to stitch it close by hand? Then this is for you!

Ladder Stitch - video tutorial

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Let me show you my most used hand stitch, which goes by several names. I have heard folks calling it a slip stitch, ladder stitch, invisible stitch, mattress stitch or a blind stitch. Whatever you call it though... it's great for finishing those seam invisibly. And it's almost like magic.

But let me show you. Are you ready?

How to sew a ladder stitch (aka slip stitch, blind stitch, invisible stitch or mattress stitch)

And here the steps for you.

  • Knot off your thread using a quilters knot
  • Hide your knot inside the seam
  • Take a stitch on one side of your fabric parallel to the edge
  • Jump across to the other side and take another stitch parallel to the edge as well
  • Continue across your seam, forming a series of stitches that look like a ladder
  • Pull thread tight to close seam
  • Knot off thread and you’re done

To see it live in action, watch the video tutorial below on how to sew a hidden ladder stitch.

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And this is what you will need. I promise, it's not a lot!

And that's all you will need!! 

When to use it

Closing your seams like this will come in handy for lots of my patterns. Just like the Quilted Boxy Pouch or Wee Braw Bag. At the end, you will have to turn the bag through the opening in the lining and then close it.

So knowing how to finish your seams invisibly will come in handy as a bag maker!

Sewing Patterns for beginners by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Make sure to grab your copy of my patterns over in the shop! And this neat little trick will come in handy.

I promise!

PS... ohh and before I forget. The ladder is stitch is also amazing to finish your quilt binding by hand. After attaching the binding by machine, just flip over the binding and invisibly attach it on the other side. Just saying! 

And of course - if you have any questions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am only an email ( away and here to help you.

Best + big quilty hugs.

Laura x


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