Let's do this!

 Let's make a quilt together. 

We are super close to be back to lockdown again. During the PM’s broadcast a couple days ago, it was mentioned that the restrictions probably won’t be lifted anymore over the next six months. And it’s affecting all of us again. I am not sure what your situation was in March but I pretty much froze for a couple weeks/ months. Couldn’t do anything really and lost my sewing mojo… BUT this time around I am determined not to let it happen again. I want to fight the lockdown blues and make something that brings me joy instead. And I really hope you will join me on this journey.

lets make a quilt together


I would love to make a quilt with you!!

But please don’t worry. You don’t have to be an experienced quilter. If you have a sewing machine, you can join! It will be casual and fun. No pattern needed. And I will talk you through the whole process of making your quilt. You can totally do it. I promise! I will be right next to you, carefully explaining every single step. There will be tutorials and videos along the way and I will answer your questions in Q&As. You won’t be alone and I am sure you will love the quilting community by the end as much as I do. 

And for all of you experienced quilters, you can totally join as well and enjoy sewing in a group of likeminded folks. We all love fabric and talking about it, exchanging tips and tricks and maybe even you can learn something new. Who knows?! But of course, you can always spice up your quilt a little. Create an ombre effect, use hand quilting instead of your machine, or really make the backing super special… 

Let’s make a quilt together. Let’s do this together. We will be so much stronger, keeping ourselves motivated and accountable. And I am sure friendships will be formed on the way as well. 

Lets make a quilt together picture  lets make a quilt together lets make a quilt together

And this is the quilt I have planned for us. You might have seen it already on my IG account but I also wrote about them over here, if you're interested in the story behind the quilt. A super simple design and as I said, no pattern needed. It’s an amazing quilt for beginners yet a super pretty quilt when finished. You decide how large you want it to be. As a beginner, maybe go for a smaller one but you experienced quilters can definitely go queen size with this one. All up to you of course.

Facebook Group lets make a quilt together sweet cinnamon roses

And now about the organisational side of things. 

I decided it would be best to host our community project via a Facebook Group. I feel it is the best medium for all of use to engage over the next weeks and exchange ideas and of course share all those progress pictures. We will be a closed community and it will be easy to talk to each other. IG just can’t provide that the same way I am afraid. Saying that though, please always feel free to share your progress and makes on other social media outlets as well. I will definitely show my progress on my IG account but the community, tutorials, videos, Q&As,… that’s all on our FB group! And did I say it already? It's all totally for free!!!

The group will be private, so please click on the “join group” button and I will approve you as soon as I can. Please don’t feel like it’s a friends only thing, I just wanted us to have a safe and closed group where we can hang out. BUT please feel free to share the LINK with your auntie or bestie, who always wanted to learn how to make a quilt. Let’s do this together. Let’s learn from each other and forget the world outside at least for a couple hours a week. 

Lets make a quilt together - timeline

Let’s talk about the (updated) timeline now. 

We will be making the quilt together over a course of 8 weeks. Those weeks include pulling and cutting the fabric, piecing the top and backing, quilting and of course binding the quilt. But before we get started and dive into quilt making, I will share a couple basics with you. Over the next weeks until the kickoff on October 19th, I will share basic quilting tools with you. So you have plenty time to get all you need before we start on October 19th. I will talk a little about fabric and thread and other things you need to know. And as a bonus. We all get to hang out before, getting to know each other better. Win win, right? So make sure to join now and not miss out on all the fun before we start.

Ok. I think that’s it for now. More details will be published within the group over the next weeks. It will be great. Let’s make a quilt together, my friends.

Laura x


Yes yes yes!
#letsmakeaquilttogether…. I’m sowas von dabei!!!
Habs mir im Kalender notiert!!


Yes yes yes!
#letsmakeaquilttogether…. I’m sowas von dabei!!!
Habs mir im Kalender notiert!!


I’m looking forward to seeing what others put together and connecting with others who are not as lucky as we are here in West Aus Right now. But thinking of you all and hoping you all stay safe ( no community spread in 5 months here) 😘

Sue Myburgh

I’m really looking forward to this project. I am making a quilt in a once a month class but I feel such a beginner. I’m hoping I surprise myself ( at least I have a rotary cutter )!! Thanks for setting it up x

Christine Anderson

Hi Laura:
So exiting, I know nothing about quilting but I am ready to start learning and making a quilt for my granddaughter! I am in Miami, Florida-USA do you have any suggestions where to buy cute quilting fabric in the States? 😘


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