Oliso smart iron review

Amazing news

Oliso smart irons have landed in the UK! After years of flirting with this fancy iron of the future - that was so far only available in the US - it's finally here.

And I get to test one! Y-A-Y!

Oliso Smart Iron review

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Oliso is pretty much the number one iron for quilters. 

Quilters have to press a lot. Like a gazillion seams for every single quilt and next to basting - pressing is, let's say, more of a duty rather than pure quilty joy

And after pressing seventeen-hundred-and-sixty-two seams either flat or to one side - your wrists are hurting. Your iron probably fell twice off the ironing board as you've almost knocked it over while wrestling your quilt top... let's blame it on concentrating on Netflix a little too much.

Trust me! We've all been there. And marks on the floorboards are kind of a badge of honour.  

But now - look at this!!! 


Hop over here if you like to see the full video

You don't have to lift your iron anymore. Pretty much what makes it a smart iron!!

Not only your wrists will thank you but also your floorboards. It's so much safer to handle and makes pressing (almost super) fun! And you get to watch Netflix while you press. Yay!

Oliso Smart Iron review

And now the best part.

You don't have to be a quilter to justify getting an Oliso. This smart iron is also super handy when it comes to garment and bag making.

You've got to press a lot? Then it's totally worth it.

Now where to get your Oliso.

But now let's quickly talk about where to get it! Shall we? Especially as it's always been tricky to get hold of them in the UK:

Sweet Cinnamon Roses - sewing patterns and courses for beginners

Just today I made another sample of the mini project bag (you can download the free pattern extension here) for my Project Bag Sewing Course. And you know what - it's been so much fun using my Oliso.

Pressing is no longer dreaded and that's amazing if you'd asked me!

Project Bag Sewing Course by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Thanks so much Team Oliso for letting me test your amazingly clever smart iron! It's been a real pleasure and I seriously love my brand new iron. And special thanks to Groves for making it all happen.

Take care + safe pressing, my friend!

Laura x


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