Quilted Boxy Pouches - Heather Ross By Hand

You have probably heard it by now... Heather Ross is launching her new fabric line, By Hand, and it's coming out later on this year!!

Whimsical and cute. As always. It includes her iconic strawberries, cute kittens, donkeys, horses, gingham and the most stunning florals. Even better... some of her prints are on canvas. For all the bag makers out there.

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I made a whole bunch of Economy Blocks (you can download my free templates here) and then turned them into patchwork panels and then Quilted Boxy Pouches

But let me show you.

You can probably tell - economy blocks are my favourites. Plus fabric by Heather Ross and it's a dream come true.

Now if you like to make your own Quilted Boxy Pouch, please get your copy of the pattern right here. Such a quick yet versatile project.

And that's it my friend. Hope you'll enjoy this new lines as much as I do.

Big quilty hugs. Laura x 


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