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Sweet Cinnamon Roses sewing course project bag


I have exciting news for you, my friend!

Next to your fave sewing patterns you can now also find Sweet Cinnamon Roses sewing courses right here. 

We are starting with Project Bag - an on demand sewing course based on the super popular Wee Braw Bag sewing pattern.


And here's where you can find them:

On demand sewing courses by Sweet Cinnamon Roses


The course is created in a way that you can make your very first project bag within one afternoon/ sitting. Binge watch the videos first or sew right alongside me.



Project Bag is covering five "easy to digest" modules covering all the basics of (project) bag making. Helping you understand the basics before going all in into personalising your bag in the bonus section. 

Project Bag includes:

  • Materials: A comprehensive list with all the materials you'll need and access to a PDF pattern guiding you through the course.
  • Casing: You'll learn how to create a neat closure mechanism that is super simple yet easy to install.
  • Pockets: This module covers how to make and attach pockets to your bag.
  • Assembly: In this module we cover the assembly of your project bag and how to box out corners. Making it a 3D'ish project.
  • Finish: You'll learn how to give your project a professional finish.
  • Scrappy Casing (bonus one): This bonus module covers hot to create casing using fabric scraps. A fun way to personalise your bag.
  • Faux Piping (bonus two): In this module we cover how to add faux piping to your pocket - as easy yet effective way to make your bag look super professional.
  • Closing by hand (bonus three): You'll learn how to close the opening neatly by hand.
  • Mini Project Bag (bonus four): Learn how to make the mini version of the bag!


Sweet Cinnamon Roses sewing courses - project bag


This sewing course is all about showing you how to make a project bag from start to finish. You'll learn new skills and by the end you've made a gorgeous little bag. Something to hold in your hands. Not just theory.

A combination of learning new skills whilst making a project. Something really tangible. 

Sweet Cinnamon Roses sewing course project bag - grab your seat now

So, why should you take a course? Very good question! 

As there are gazillion of very good reasons - I think it pretty much boils down to four easy reasons. So here we go...

  • Step-by-step videos: Follow "easy to digest" modules using a proven, beginner friendly structure. Start with the basics and then build up your skills following the bonus material.
  • On-demand access: Learn whenever you're ready - at a pace that suits you best. Pause, rewind and watch it over and over again if needed. If 3am in the morning works for you?! Cool!
  • Learn at home: Take this course from the comfort of your own home, using your own sewing machine. No need to travel to a class or book a date in your busy diary (we all had enough of zoom, right?). And sewing in your PJ bottoms is totally acceptable around here.
  • Great value: Access this course whenever you need - for a fraction of the price of attending a face-to-face class or retreat. While it's almost like I'm sitting right next to you - guiding you through every single step of the process.

Sweet Cinnamon Roses Sewing Courses - project bag

And finally. Who is this course for? 

Wether you've already have a couple finished projects under your belt, you're brand new to sewing or just want to learn some new skills - then this course is just for you.

  • Beginners: You've just learn to use your sewing machine and are ready to start making your first project.
  • Refreshers: You've sewn in the past and fancy refreshing your skills, getting back behind the sewing machine.
  • Improvers: You've got a couple projects under your belt and fancy learning some new skills.
  • KidsWith a little guidance (and supervision on the machine) your kids can make their first project that's not just another pincushion.
  • Quilters: You love making quilts and lite to try something new - ready for a 3D'ish project. 
  • Professionals: You've got a couple projects under your belt and fancy learning some new skills.
  • Finishers: You're confidently making garments and quilts and are in need of a quick win in between long term project.

If either of this is you - then you'll love Project Bag. A mix of learning new skills whilst making the cutest little bag. Something real cute to show off with to all your friends and family. 

Even if you've already made a few Wee Braw Bags before, sewing in company is something totally different. You'll most likely pick up some new tips + tricks along the way whilst the bonus section will give you brand new inspiration on how to personalise your bag. Making it even more YOU. Ahhh... I know that you'll love the bonuses (see above for details).

But now - let me talk to you, the one that's worrying. You might already have the pattern but never trusted in your abilities of making one yourself. Reading written instructions is just not for you because you're more of a visual learner?! You need someone to actually show you what's happening next - then this course is for you. I slowly show you every single step, in very bite sized units. You have the chance to pause, repeat and watch it as often as you like. It's seriously as if I'm sitting right next to you!

And of course - if you have any questions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am only an email (laura@sweetcinnamonroses.com) away and here to help you.

Ohh, I am so excited to finally welcome you to SCR sewing courses. I can't wait to share everything I know about bag making with you.

Hope to see you in the course.

Best + big hugs.

Laura x


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