Day 2 - Quilted Boxy Pouch SAL

Scrappy Quilted Boxy Pouch Sew Along by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

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Welcome to Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of the Quilted Boxy Pouch Sew Along! I am so excited to have you join me, my friend!

But let's get started. Shall we? 

Today we are machine quilting the outside panels of your pouch. Giving the quilted boxy a wonderful texture. This step is probably the most therapeutic of them all.


And here again the schedule for the week! 

  • Day 1 - piece your patchwork panels
  • Day 2 - quilting your panels (today)
  • Day 3 - insert your zipper
  • Day 4 - assemble your bag
  • Day 5 - finishing touches

Super quick turnaround. I would say it will take you about an hour a day each day of the Sew Along. Today even less...

If you feel you're falling a little behind. No worries. Don't feel pressured along. Catch up whenever you're ready. You are the one in charge!

Day 2 - Video

And here's the video for Day 2 of the Quilted Boxy Pouch Sew Along. Tab on the image below to play the video!

Scrappy Quilted Boxy Pouch Sew Along by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Today I am sharing how I quilt the panel for my pouch by machine. It's a super meditative process and the texture you achieve is incredible. But please see for yourself...


Again. You don't have to buy anything! All you'll need is some left over quilt batting and some thread. 

But of course... if you're curious about some of the materials I am using, please have a look below for more details. 

Batting. I am using left over batting from my last quilt and this is my fave type of batting. But again, use what you have on hand. Any batting will do. It's all about giving your quilted panels so extra texture and a little more structure for your pouch. Fusible fleece or soft and stable would also work nicely!

Thread. I am using Aurifil 28wt for machine quilting. It's a little thicker and creates some wonderful texture in combination the batting. But of course... you can whatever thread you have already.

Basic quilty notions. And finally, you'll need your basic quilty notions. Today I am also using a square ruler, marker and scissors to cut out the corners of my pouch. But again... you probably have those already.

Share your progress!

And now the fun bit! Wahoooo! Please share your quilted panels over on Instagram (or Facebook) using the #quiltedboxypouch. I can't wait to see yours... Y-A-Y!

Scrappy Quilted Boxy Pouch Sew Along by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

And thats's a wrap for day 2. You done it! Tomorrow we are inserting the zipper. The easiest (trust me) and quickest step of them all!

Take care and big quilty hugs,

Laura x 


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"A boxy pouch with no interior binding? That’s a winner every time. It’s beginner friendly, sews up quick in three sizes (I thought the mini was particularly cute!) and like I said: no binding.”

Melissa, Massachusetts

“The Quilted Boxy Pouch was so easy and honestly FUN to make. I will be making many more.”

Charlotte, Missouri