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Make sure you have the orginial copy for the Wee Braw Bag ready to go. You will need it for the assembly of your brand new Mini.

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  • two sizes + pockets

    The Wee Braw Bag pattern comes in two sizes, pockets and is fully reversible.

  • easy + quick

    Step by step instrutions - suitable for beginners and all skill levels.

  • customise

    Add more pockets, "faux"-piping and make it truly your own.

Form + Function

The Wee Braw Bag is the perfect project bag for all your sewing, knitting, EPP and quilting WIPs on the run...

Perfectly round and oh so cute!

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All the sizes

The orginal pattern comes in two sizes (small + medium) and the new MINI is even smaller... aka cuter?!

No pockets for my MINI but of course - if you fancy adding some, you go girl!

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...about all the materials you'll need, lots of inspiration and my best tips + tricks!

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"I can’t stop making Wee Braw Bags… and when I’m not making them I’m thinking about colour combinations! I just love them."

Lilly, Australia

"I love all Sweet Cinnamon Roses patterns for simplicity and amazing results every time."

Daria, England