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Sweet Cinnamon Roses LOVES Aurifil

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Ten spools - all you’ll ever need! Whichever of my patterns you choose to make, this box will have you covered. Three spools of Aurifil 50wt, for bag construction and quilt making - for all those seams you want to last but are hidden inside. And for all your visible seams, three spools of Aurifil 28wt - making topstitching and machine quilting a feature of your project. Finally, four gorgeous spools of Aurifil 12wt, for hand quilting and embroidery - making your work stand out like no other.   

One thread box to cover all patterns by Sweet Cinnamon Roses!

One box to rule... erm cover them all!

And that is what's inside: 

  • 50wt (orange spools): 2024 (white), 2600 (dove) and 2410 (pale pink) 
  • 28wt (grey spools): 6723 (fairy floss), 2423 (baby pink) and 2220 (light salmon)
  • 12wt (red spools): 2415 (blush), 2479 (medium orchid), 2140 (orange mustard) and 1246 (dark grey) 

Ten small spools of the best thread - giving you all the thread you'll need to make the most gorgeous projects!

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“These patterns are so fun, clearly written, and just produce the most splendid small projects I’ve ever made.”

Jenny, Utah