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The Big Three bundle - Wee Braw Bag, Glitta Pouch and See It All Pouch

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The Big Three pattern bundle - consisting of the WeeBrawBag, Glitta Pouch and See It All Pouch. Three digital Sewing Patterns by Laura Cunningham of Sweet Cinnamon Roses. 

The Wee Braw Bag pattern includes loads of pictures to help you create your own Wee Braw Bag. The bag is made in absolute no time, beginner friendly, fully lined and even reversible. It comes in two sizes, a wee one and a larger one.

The Glitta Pouch pattern come with loads of pictures to help you create your own Glitta. It will show you in detail how to tackle sewing with sticky vinyl and how to insert zippers. Don't be scared of either zippers or sewing with vinyl, I will slowly talk you through it. It is super easy!

The See It All Pouch pattern includes loads of pictures to help you create your own version. The zipper pouch is quickly made, absolutely beginner friendly, fully lined and oh so cute. The see it all pouch comes in three sizes, a small, medium and a larger version.

With the purchase of this pattern bundle you will receive a digital copy of all three patterns (Wee Braw Bag, Glitta Pouch and See It All Pouch, all three patterns together in one PDF document!) via Email. There is no need to print them unless you wish to do so, as there are no templates needed. So you can start straight away. 

And as with all my patterns, they include a license to sell. So feel free to make as many bags and pouches as you wish to gift or sell. But please remember, this pattern bundle is for one person only. Do not copy, redistribute or sell. If you wish to teach a class, please get in touch with me.  


  • Materials used: quilting cotton, fusible interfacing (I like to use Pellon SF101), rope and cotton tape.
  • Finished Size: approx. 4.5’’ x 4’’ x 4’’ (wxhxd) for the wee one and approx. 6.5’’ x 5.5’’ x 5’’ (wxhxd) for the larger one.

Glitta Pouch:

  • Materials used: quilting cotton, vinyl, zipper, glitter and binding clips! TIP: I am using very soft and pliable 12 gauge vinyl, which is just perfect for this pouch.
  • Finished Size: 3.5’’ x 3’’ (coin purse), 8.5’’ x 4.5 ‘’ (pencil case) and 8.5’’ x 6’’ (project pouch) 

See It All Pouch:

  • Materials used: quilting cotton, fusible interfacing II like to use Pellon SF101), clear vinyl (12-16 gauge works best I've found), zipper, double sided tape and binding clips.
  • Finished size: approx. 4.5’’ x 4’’ (wxh) for the small, approx. 5" x 5.5" (wxh) for the medium one and approx. 7.5’’ x 4.5’’ (wxh) for the large version.

For more pictures, inspiration and an in-depth list of all the materials I am using - please hop over to my blog post for the:

If you have any questions regarding saving/ printing your PDF pattern, which pattern to choose or wonder about the buying process,… please have a look over at my FAQs for more information.

And of course please feel free to get in touch if you need anything. I am here to help.

Laura x

#weebrawbag and #glittapouch and #seeitallpouch


And if you're wondering what materials you'll need - please have a look at the RESOURCES page for all the materials you'll need to get you started. A list - I wish I had ten years ago...

“These patterns are so fun, clearly written, and just produce the most splendid small projects I’ve ever made.”

Jenny, Utah