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Wee Braw Bag - EASY READ

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The Wee Braw Bag. A digital Sewing Pattern by Laura Cunningham of Sweet Cinnamon Roses. 

This pattern is an Easy Read version and part of my pattern series aiming to make sewing patterns easily accessible for everyone. Of course I do understand that there are limitations to what I can do but I promise I will give my best to make sewing as inclusive as possible.

This will include:

  • text will be no smaller than 16pt (instructions are written using Helvetica)
  • pictures are extra large at 300pt times 300pt
  • increased line spacing to at least 1.2pt
  • easy read tables
  • black seam lines outlined in pictures
  • and each pattern will come with the original pattern attached at the end

You can read more about the Easy Reads over here.

The pattern includes loads of pictures to help you create your own Wee Braw Bag. The bag is made in absolute no time, beginner friendly, fully lined and even reversible. It comes in two sizes, a wee one and a larger one for the knitter in you.

With the purchase of this pattern you will receive a digital copy of my pattern via Email. There is no need to print it unless you wish to do so, as there are no templates needed. So you can start straight away. 

Also included are loads of ideas of how you can personalise your version of the bag. There are seriously no limits! 

And as with all my patterns, it includes a license to sell. So feel free to make as many bags as you wish to gift or sell. But please remember, this pattern is for one person only. Do not copy, redistribute or sell. If you wish to teach a class, please get in touch with me.  

  • Materials used: quilting cotton, fusible interfacing (I like to use Pellon SF101), rope and cotton tape.
  • Finished Size: approx. 4.5’’ x 4’’ x 4’’ (wxhxd) for the wee one and approx. 6.5’’ x 5.5’’ x 5’’ (wxhxd) for the knitter in you.  

Please find more about the WeeBrawBag in my latest blog post. There I talk you through all the materials needed, share my best tips + tricks with you and you'll find lots of inspiration!

If you have any questions regarding saving/ printing your PDF pattern, which pattern to choose or wonder about the buying process,… please have a look over at my FAQs for more information.

And of course please feel free to get in touch if you need anything. I am here to help.

Laura x


Grab your FREE copy of the MINI Wee Braw Bag here!

And if you're wondering what materials you'll need - please have a look at the RESOURCES page for all the materials you'll need to get you started. A list - I wish I had ten years ago...

“These patterns are so fun, clearly written, and just produce the most splendid small projects I’ve ever made.”

Jenny, Utah