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Easy Read Sewing Pattern Series by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

Since he's three years old - my son needed a little extra help with his speech. Some letters are definitely easier to pronounce than others. And there are a few that took us a loooong time to sound out correctly. But ohhhh my... when he first said his name "properly" during therapy I was moved to tears and could hardly keep it together. 

But it's not only speech. It also spills over into his reading and writing. And into his general confidence... but that's a whole different issue. 

However, you might wander now what this has to do with you!? Nothing to do with sewing... right? But since being on this journey with Sami, I am aware that things are not equally easy for everyone.

Even though he is an exceptionally clever little boy, speech doesn't come easy. And that's totally ok. We are all different and sometimes need a little extra help.

And that's something that's not only important to me privately but also over here with you. If there's something I can do to help you to be able to read my patterns a little easier, I hope I can do that.

As I don't want anyone to feel excluded from the best hobby in the world... So here we go! 

Easy Read

The Easy Read pattern series is aiming to make sewing patterns easily accessible for everyone. Of course I do understand that there are limitations to what I can do but I promise I will give my best to make sewing as inclusive as possible.

This will include:

  • text will be no smaller than 16pt (instructions are written using Helvetica)
  • pictures are extra large at 300pt times 300pt
  • increased line spacing to at least 1.2pt
  • easy read tables 
  • black seam lines outlined in pictures
  • and each pattern will come with the original pattern attached at the end

Easy Read Sewing Patterns by Sweet Cinnamon Roses, Wee Braw Bag

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Wee Braw Bag pattern

It might take me a bit to convert all patterns into Easy Reads (hoping to have them all available for you by the end of 2022) but it will be worth the wait. I am sure... Y-A-Y!

So please bear with me and make sure to check back on this blog post for updated patterns. 

To begin with... I converted your absolute fave pattern into an Easy Read - the Wee Braw Bag.

The Wee Braw Bag is totally scrap friendly and suitable for beginners (and all skill levels, really). Only a bunch of straight lines, my friend. If you like to find out more about the project - please hop over to my designated blog post for more information on the project.

Easy Read Sewing Patterns by Sweet Cinnamon Roses, Wee Braw BagEasy Read Sewing Patterns by Sweet Cinnamon Roses, Wee Braw BagEasy Read Sewing Patterns by Sweet Cinnamon Roses, Wee Braw Bag

Project Bag - On demand Sewing Course

But of course - if you like to actually sew with me. Why not join my on-demand Sewing Course: Project Bag?! It's created in a way that you can make your very first item within one afternoon/ sitting. Binge watch the videos first or sew right alongside me.

Five easy to digest modules cover the basics of bag making before personalising your project bag in the bonus sections.

Level: beginner friendly!

Sweet Cinnamon Roses - on demand sewing courses


Over here I will let you know about the release of my latest Easy Reads. So you might want to bookmark this page for future reference. Just sayin'.

And one last promise. 

If you've ever bought one of my patterns (and for whatever reason - no need to give any details) you'll like a copy of the Easy Read version, just shoot me an email (to laura@sweetcinnamonroses.com). Please include your order reference and where you've bought your copy (here on this website, Etsy or Payhip) and I make sure to send you a free copy of the Easy Read version.

Finally. I would like to take the chance to thank my patient and kind team of testers. Your advice on the Easy Reads as been invaluable and I really appreciated all your feedback. I literally couldn't have done it without you Nikola, Reagan, Leeann and Kayleigh.

And that's a wrap my friends!

Thanks so much for all your support. Making this a place for you and me.

Take care + Happy Sewing

Laura x 


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