DIY fabric cards

Are you ready for yet another Valentine's DIY project? Well... then this is for you!

DIY cards made using your favourite fabric scraps.

Super easy + fun. But see for yourself. 

DIY fabric scraps card

After making a whole bunch of love heart bags last week... I decided to send them off to friends. As a small thank you for always kindly testing my patterns.

So if you've tested for me recently - you might be up for a treat.

However. I am always out of thank you cards. 

BUT my daughter had a bunch of raw cards and I definitely have plenty fabric! So I whipped up some DIY Valentine's (or is it Galentine's) cards.

DIY fabric cards for Valentine's Day

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Video Tutorial

They were super fun to make and only took me about ten minutes each. Win win.

But let me show you. Click here and watch me make them.

DIY fabric card for Valentine's Day

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What do you think? So quick and fun. Right?

But before I let you go. Let me give you all the details on what materials I've used. I know there will be questions. 

Materials for the Heart Cards

It's really not a lot. And I bet you've got most of it already at home. But here we go.

Plus your basic sewing supplies. I am sewing on a Janome M7 and also use my cutting mat, (super cute) ruler, hera marker, fabric glue and rotary cutter.

And like I've said. I bet you've got plenty fabric and thread already. No need to go shopping for more.

DIY fabric card for Valentine's Day

And that's a wrap. I will be sending these off (together with the bags) to some lovely friends of mine. Hoping to brighten their day a little. 

Maybe you get to make some as well. And if so - please tag me over on social media. I would love to see more scrappy hearts!

Take care and big quilty hugs to you, my friend.

With so much love, Laura xx

DIY fabric cards for Valentine's DayDIY fabric cards for Valentine's DayDIY fabric cards for Valentine's DayDIY fabric cards for Valentine's DayDIY fabric cards for Valentine's Day


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