Thank You Sewalong!

Sweet Cinnamon Roses, sewing for our teachers giving handmadeOhhh my... what a year it's been.

    Having the kids at home wasn't always easy. We had good days and not so easy ones. But all in all - we made it to the other side. And thankfully we had the best teachers at our side who were always there for us. From homeschooling, to socially distanced learning at school later on plus all the extra help to make sure no child was left behind (emotionally or academically). 

    I can't express how grateful I am. We had the best teachers and it's time to give back. And of course it has to be handmade - because a) it's made with all the love and b) it's what we are so good at!!!

    So here is the plan. Are you ready, my friend...?

    Thank You Sewalong by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

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    Thank You Sewalong

    A super casual Sewalong. Basically you sewing at your own pace - as I don't want to stress you with timelines or deadlines. And your teachers gift is probably due on another day to mine anyway...

    And this is what I thought to do to keep it super stress-free. You pick an easy project - you will know how many you'll have to make (tip: maybe pick one that you can make production-line-style...). So you know what, how many and for when. Now you get to choose fabric and you're all set to go. 

    To make it a little easier for you... 

    Thank You Sewalong by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

    I made this super simple (and "IG story friendly") graphic for you - to keep you organised. Download your copy, fill in your details and feel free to share it using the #thankyousewalong on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to tag me (@sweetcinnamonroses) as I'd love to see what you are making! 

     For your copy of the graphic:

    Thank You Sewalong by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

    We won't do weekly prompts (remember, we want to keep things super casual) - but I thought it would be fun to share your pictures nevertheless. Like WiPs (=work in progress), fabric pulls, behind the scenes pics and if you really want to up your game - show me your super efficient production line! I'd love to see how good you are at organising yourself...

    Thank You Sewalong by Sweet Cinnamon Roses

    Just a couple ideas of pictures you could share on your socials - the more, the merrier. As always. And please don't forget to tag me, I'd loooove, love, looove to see what you are making and gifting...

    Last but not least. If you are struggling to think what to make. I have a couple ideas for you. So this is my plan - and you are more than welcome to join me. I will have to make three items this year (my daughter Klara has two teachers and Sami has one) and I think I will go for the Wee Braw Bag, a Glitta Pouch and a See It All Pouch. Three projects, probably making one for each teacher as I really want to test my production line skills... That's six items in total, right?

    Sweet Cinnamon Roses Thank You Sewalong

    All three projects are super easy to make, production line and beginner friendly. You can read more about them over here:

    • Wee Braw Bag - cute yet super simple to make and your all time favourite!
    • Glitta Pouch - we all need more glitter these days, don't you agree...?
    • See It All Pouch - the sweetest pencil case aka the perfect teacher gift

    And I have bundled them up for you! You can get your hands on all three of them in one go now over here!

    Thank You Sew Along bundle, Sweet Cinnamon Roses


    And if you feel you'll need a little extra help as you are new to sewing, zippers still intimidate you or your sewing machine is still not your BFF yet - hop over and join our free FB group. Over there I share lots and lots of free video tutorials, guiding you through the "trickier" bits of each patterns. 

    Bonus: over on FB you'll get an exclusive members discount + a fun prize to win during the event! So keep you eyes out for more.

    And I thinks that's a wrap. If you have any questions - please feel free to get in touch. I am only an email ( or DM away! 

    Happy Sewing and Stay Safe. Laura x  

    PS: Fancy seeing what I've ended up making? Head over here to see if I stuck to the plan...


    Sweet Cinnamon Roses, teachers thank you sewalong


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