Sweet Cinnamon Roses - Press & Journal

Ohhh, I am so excited abut this. I know, I know - I should try to keep my cool but this is just so soooo exciting. And I am glad I can finally share it with you... 

Sweet Cinnamon Roses + Press & Journal

Sweet Cinnamon Roses is featured in the Press & Journal (September 26th, 2020). Well if we are honest, I think it's more our community that made it into the newspaper. Our kind and caring quilty community, sewing together whilst sharing the love for fabric, texture and of course quilts.

The article is pretty much the perfect summary of our LETS MAKE A QUILT TOGETHER community. We are not just quilting along anymore but we are also helping each other through these strange days. Because we are not alone and this fantastic community will help us through the second round of lockdown...

But have a look for yourself. I think the fab journalist summed it up much better than I ever could...

Sweet Cinnamon Roses + Press and Journal

Please find the article online as well with the Press & Journal.

Thanks so much Jaqueline for this amazing article, featuring our fabulous and unique community.

Sweet Cinnamon Roses in the Press and Journal

Sweet Cinnamon Roses in the Press and Journal

Sweet Cinnamon Roses in the Press and Journal

Stay safe everyone and hope you have a fab weekend.

Laura x 

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